Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laminates - why do they make so many?

Well - laminates... After being told by my interior designer friend to ALWAYS choose lamintes before tiles and flooring... I failed.

I was lured by the beautiful tiles in Myaree ceramics. I knew I wanted an eggshelly colour for the benchtops in the bathrooms so I just left it for later.

Finally I picked a colour called Sandstone

The Cupboard colour will be megawhite - you can guess what colour that is. lol.

The Kitchen is also going to be all megawhite as I have a white stone benchtop with large-ish sized quarts, so I think that is enough colour. q-stone Artic.

I also chose a limestone paver from Brickmakers. I love it. I'll need it to be sealed though so I am not out there with a scrubber after every gathering.

After all these decison making, I think I have com to realise that you need to be true to your own colours. I was caught up in current trens etc. Many of my friends and family will tell I am not a modern clean lines sort of person.

I want my house to feel like our home. Not a fashion forward home.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tiles Tiles and More Tiles

 I changed all my tiles - these are some of the colours, they are all Porcelain tiles, the one below is the bathrooms splash back, and then the girls will have a large 600x300 tile on the wall and a 300x300 similar colour tile on the floor. James and I have a leveled porcelain tile which is polished in some areas and not in others.... very beautiful... very $$$$
Below is our kitchen tile, ours the bottom colour. It is actually a ceramic tile (yey) but it has a mitred edge which gives its it glass look.

I am having trouble with my elevation colours. The top image is the display, but I like the other 2's colours.. just trying to incorporate... hmmm.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tile Selection

After 3 attempts to visit tile shops, I finally went by myself.. well actually I had my youngest but she was firmly strapped in so was able to concentrate without saying 'please put all 300 of those laminate samples back where they came from'

We are trying to acheive a beachy relaxed comtemporary theme with the home which is why greens and light browns seem to work in well with the white.

The kitchen will be handle -less with a a poly shiney white cabinets. I think it's called Mega white for memory so that explains the whiteness! It almost looks like it is paper behind the gloss which I think gives it an earthy tone. The splash back will have a white gloss tile with a beige border... the tile matched the stone in the benchtop

For the girls bathroom we are doing more a green then beige. The floor tile has green tones to it and it looks really nice with the feature tile.
The cabinets are a beech wood look and the top is a stone look which will have a square form edge.

The ensuite has a lighter floor and the stone feature tile. The stone feature tile is lighter than it looks in the picture and more closely matches the floor tile. We will also have a beach wood look to our cabinets with white drawers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Design ideas, green and whites seem to be drawing me in!

We are so early on in the building process but my mind is exploding with design ideas.

Plus I have a lot of spare time to sit around and think about it....

At least we have decided on our brick

We will have a white colour bond roof with white gutters, downpipes etc.

Flooring is what we will choose last - but we both like the look of blackbutt or Marri, it's a tie

We like white for cupboards etc, but don't want to be too boring so we are going to do a green glass tile for the splash back - like this kitchen. But we'are going to try and avoid having any doorhandles. If we have door handles, they won't look like those ones, they will probably be horizontal. Our Essastone will be a white, I think it is called snowy white - not too sure.

The bathrooms, I find quite hard. I am tempted to go the light browns, But I also really like this green look here

Except I would have white cupboards and a raised bowl sink.  I think this look would be nice for the ensuite, if I didn't go colour in the girls bathroom I might choose something like this.

I really like that bowl too. Trying to get the smallest sink size possible for the girls bathroom.

I think that is it for now! very exciting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final plans are in!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Intro to the Chicago

We have finally decided to build the Chicago, through Lifestyle Homes. We are still in alteration stages so no final drawings yet.

Fingers crossed for this week.