Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laminates - why do they make so many?

Well - laminates... After being told by my interior designer friend to ALWAYS choose lamintes before tiles and flooring... I failed.

I was lured by the beautiful tiles in Myaree ceramics. I knew I wanted an eggshelly colour for the benchtops in the bathrooms so I just left it for later.

Finally I picked a colour called Sandstone

The Cupboard colour will be megawhite - you can guess what colour that is. lol.

The Kitchen is also going to be all megawhite as I have a white stone benchtop with large-ish sized quarts, so I think that is enough colour. q-stone Artic.

I also chose a limestone paver from Brickmakers. I love it. I'll need it to be sealed though so I am not out there with a scrubber after every gathering.

After all these decison making, I think I have com to realise that you need to be true to your own colours. I was caught up in current trens etc. Many of my friends and family will tell I am not a modern clean lines sort of person.

I want my house to feel like our home. Not a fashion forward home.

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  1. I reckon you've got it round the right way. Pick from the most limited range first then work forward from there. So I went benchtop (there were 9 c-stone options in cat 1), floor, laminates, splashback (any dulux colour was standard) in that order.
    But then we haven't started yet so it might all look like a fruit salad for all I know!!!